Project Snapshots

A Closer Look at a Few of Our Current Projects

PJs Coffeehouse - Four new locations in New Orleans, Louisiana

Urban Architecture is the Affiliate overseeing the design and construction administration of four new outlets of these frequented NOLA comfort spots: Chartres Street in the French Quarter, Tulane University, Market Street and Gonzales Street. Shown here is the street view of the future French Quarter location.

Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Clinic: Calexico, California

It's just a shell for now but soon a full service dialysis clinic will be operating out of this new  building serving patients throughout Calexico. Calexico is a border town of 40,000. It's sister city is Mexicali, the second largest city in Baja California. At more than 800,000 residents it is over 20 times the size of it's American counterpart.


Marathon Resources of Phoenix, Arizona is the general contractor for both the shell and the tenant improvements and superintendant Bob Button says the locals are the nicest bunch of people you'd ever want to know. He's even been taken to the Mexico side for a lunch or two. And it's not that hard to do. The international border is just a few scant blocks south of the site.


Curtis Architecture is the Affilliate for both the shell building and the clinic and has been designing dialysis clinics for over 16 years.


Produce Irradiator: Air Cargo Facility Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, Mississippi

This project basically consists of putting a piece of equipment into a warehouse, but that description is seriously lacking for what is actually taking place. A 75 foot deep vertical shaft is being dug below ground to accomodate the irradiation tank. Cargo shipping containers full of produce will be led to the "pit" by an overhead tram system. Each container is then lowered into the pit and treated with a low dosage burst of radiation to destroy such nasties as E. Coli preventing them from getting to your table.


The lead Affiliate is ADMG in Orange County, California.

The Great Burger King Experiment

In 2012 Team ONE! affiliate RAN Design, located on the Illinois side of the river in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area was offered the opportunity to renovate 18 Burger King restaurants in Columbus, Ohio and throughout Colorado. The problem: the design and construction documents needed to be completed in six weeks, an impossible task for such a small firm to hope to undertake alone. Rather than say no, RAN Design engaged The CORE, supervising members of six additional affiliates to complete the work on time and allowing RAN Design to satisfy their clients every need.


In 2014 our team was offered another massive Burger King undertaking - installing their restaurants in Walmart stores. We developed procedures and prototypes based on the common construction of all Walmart stores and the requirements of a Burger King restaurant. To date we have completed the design and permitting of 54 locations in 2014 with anticipation of an additional 100 stores in 2015.