Historic Preservation

Key Project Experience

  • Luhrs Building - Phoenix, Arizona
  • Cheery Lynn Historic District - Phoenix, Arizona
  • St. James, Madison Hotel Stablization and Parking - Phoenix, Arizona

Luhrs Building - Phoenix, Arizona

Built in 1928, the Lurs building in downtown Phoenix was the tallest building in the state. Our redevelopment efforts included research in to the facility's history through archived photographs, newspapers and other historical resources. We found that the building had undergone many changes over the years, many not so friendly ones; the original windows had been replaced with cheap aluminum substitutes on one side only, the original street awnings were destroyed and the grandeur of the main lobby damaged beyond repair. In addition, key elements to the original design had been covered over in stucco.


Our renovation included new elevators, new exterior windows to match those original wood ones, restored brickwork and terra cotta trim and a restoration of the original street awnings, while coordinating with the new Metro Light Rail project under construction right outside the front door. The results of our efforts netted our client the largest single historic restoration grant ever issued by The city of Phoenix at well over half a million dollars.


The restoration is part of a larger ongoing urban renewal project that will bring a new high rise hotel, shops and entertainment, restoration of the city's first post office building and the renovation of another landmark on the site, the 1932 Luhr's Tower.