Our Philosophy

Team ONE!

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One Architecture provides architectural service to our clients through our unique umbrella company, formally created in 2009, that brings together the talents and manpower of many small design firms and individuals. From Portland to New York, Orange County to Atlanta, our average "affiliate" has over 15 years of experience in the profession. Ten years is our minimum requirement and some have almost 30. Team ONE! collectively has a level of experience nearly unmatched for a group its size.


Through this mutually beneficial scenario each affiliate individually continues its tradition of outstanding service to their clients. Collectively, Team ONE! provides clients with a team that has the level of experience expected and a guarantee of strength and longevity throughout the contract commitment.

We are "Nationally Local"

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Our connections run deep. We strive to find the best professionals in cities from coast to coast. In addition to our Team ONE! affiliates, we have cultivated our ties with many other individuals throughout the US, ready when called upon to provide services like local site assessments, help with our permitting process and connect us to reliable consultants and contractors. Wherever our clients need us to be and whatever they need us to be there for we can meet their obligations. We are indeed Nationally Local.

Unique Approach to Stability

Many a company has established itself as an exceptional architectural firm when it comes to serving clients. But over the years they all have suffered through the ups and downs of fickle economies, failed funding, massive growth spurts and other seemingly unavoidable pitfalls of the profession. The good times come with the need to ramp up staff often having to settle for less experienced professionals. The slow times require letting go of the best interns and project managers sending them into the great unknown never to return for the firm or for the clients that have grown to like their service.


The CORE - Our Center of Production

Becoming a part of Team ONE! changes all that in a way traditional firms cannot match. Becoming an affiliate of One Architecture is not a buyout of an existing firm as so many other architects have resorted to. Rather, it is a unique approach to shared resources that is unparalleled in our industry. ONE! affiliates share their best people with each other. Excellent production and project managers from each of the affiliates that comprise Team ONE! form a crew called “The CORE”. This is a production team that is located all over the country but trained by ONE! in the same procedures and methods.


When a project is secured from a client that is larger than the local affiliate can handle with their current staff, a team is assembled from The CORE and through technology they work as though they were all in the same physical office, not unlike how traditional firms have always worked, just at a distance. The local principal remains the prime contact with his or her client, giving the clients the personal attention they desire. When an office is between projects there is no need for staff layoffs and no need to lose their best professionals, and that creates a stability that is good for both the architectural firm and their clients.


Shared Benefits

In addition One Architecture takes the business side out of the affiliates' hands freeing them up from unnecessary overhead and giving them more time to be architects. Each principal spends his or her time actually going about the business of meeting with clients, designing projects and overseeing their construction, leaving things like contracts, billing, insurance, marketing, legal services and staffing to ONE!


Because we are both national and local (everywhere we go), this model obviously has great advantages to clients with locations throughout the United States, but it is also a great model for local clients with a great amount of real estate and building inventory. Because we are both large and small we can manage projects both large and small with the same level of care and understanding.